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(In Winter Snow)

[23 May 2007|01:22am]
So it's 1:30 and here I am on the internets (George Bush joke) and I am starving. I need some more money to eat, between here and work I've eaten about thirty huge Strawberries because they were free. I swear if my fecal matter ain't bright red by tomorrow I'll be surprised. I find it strange that I consider money spent on food a waste, thus I don't buy food unless I am starving to the point of physical pain.

Tomorrow I am waking at 8 am, why? Not because I have to, because I want to condition my body, I really don't like being up this late and waking up at 10 or 11, it feels like such a big chunk of usable time is taken away. I want to be up by 7 and in bed as soon as I get home and showered from work, so that means midnight. On weekends...I will never sleep, or oversleep.

My payday is tomorrow so that means I will be making a few purchases: School books...two of them...which will probably total over 150 dollars...fucking book companies make a killing by stealing the bread money from poor college kids. Did you know that publishing companies come out with new editions every year just for the sake of profits, so that teachers have to have their students buy the newest editions. This way there aren't as many used books in circulation that can be used for the classes.

Sad thing is these "new editions" are simply nothing more than cosmetic changes, a few extra pictures, a new cover, a few chapters in different place, different questions. They are pretty much the same.

In edition to the books, I will have to buy a nine volt battery for my bass, and probably new strings too. The ones I have been using are well over 6 months old, you should change them every 3 months. Got to buy work gloves too, sick of having my hands covered in Chinese dust and rat feces... I work in shipping and receiving.

I forget how to do LJ cuts, sorry.

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Holy hell [19 May 2007|12:50am]
In the seven tongues of God, could this be a revival?

Probably not, I don't think anyone reads these anymore.  Not even my own friends read their's.
So, things that have gone on in my life since my last update.

Still single : (....my bands dormant, haven't practiced in over a year as a band, I write a lot more.  I'm in college full time, and work full time.

if there is any response to this once sleeping cadaver of a livejournal mayhaps I'll continue its use.

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[03 Mar 2006|12:10pm]

Lots o' adventure lately, lots more to come in days ahead as spring rises.  What is the first day of spring?  My calender doesn't seem to mark the changing of seasons.  What is new with me?  In the days that have passed I have taken up to playing bass again with burning passion.  I have seen the Sun rise, but most of all and the best, I have a new girlfriend, and an awesome one at that, Kathryn.

Oh yeah there is an awesome local concert I want to go to it is some kind of power and death metal fest, 3 headed monster and Powerglove are playing so that would be awesome to see them.


"And what I see
You can not see
That when I move
You move with me"

"Queen of all my sleepless nights
For whose beauty I, Faun
have played my pipes, with heart
Queen in white silk, skin like milk
Horns of Faun, lips of dawn"

In the east the new sun has risen. The warm green spring has returned early for me, it comes and melts away the endless winters that have piled on. Did you see the Sun rising? Did you hear the robin singing?

"From where it burns spirals of exotic scents
Rose, sandal, jasmine, all kinds of incense
Aged fragrances only dreamed of once
Dragons do dream far beyond the sense
We make love in the dusty throne
of a Modern Sodoma"

The smoke was rising from the lap of Ganesh, did you breathe it in so deeply? Did it send you to lands beyond the sea?

"When I move
You move with me
I feed off you
You feast on me"

"We are the four arms of the solar Cross"

North, East, South, West
I will call to each of you
bring you four as one
bind you four there

"Depart now on your bright wings
The world envys
The skies have always seduced you
Precious Queen
and you know your time has come
To fly away with Me, so far..."

(In Winter Snow)

[28 Feb 2006|04:05pm]
I saw there in the west a burning on the horizon. The edge of the sky was red with the new rising sun. Yet it did not rise on me yet, soon though I shall see it rise in all its glory over the clear sky. The Moon was reborn on Monday, it was a new moon (check your calenders) it is waxing now and soon shall be full.

"I must be free before the Harvest moon..."- Sonata Arctica

Man I speak in enigmas but those who understand are the only ones that need to so ha.

Heavy metal meltdown at work today!

(2 Dreams of Wolves | In Winter Snow)

[25 Feb 2006|02:31am]

This is not a log about my thoughts but more of a log of the day, so unless you find the adventures of young adults you may be bored. 

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